Valve Insulation Jackets


Traditional methods in industrial insulation applications are now being supported and improved by different alternatives. One of the most noteworthy among these new alternatives is the removable flexible insulation jackets. These jackets can be used on various equipment bodies, such as steam turbines, heat exchangers, chimney and exhaust outlets, and most commonly on connection elements such as pipes, valves, and flanges. In this article, we will share essential information about these products, commonly known as “Valve Jackets,” based on INSPRO’s experiences from production to end-users.

Valve and flange insulations are traditionally designed as removable types because these elements often require intervention during operation for calibration, repairs, or other needs. The application of Valve Jackets is one of the first solutions that come to mind in this regard, as it is a more flexible and easily applicable method compared to other techniques. Well-designed valve jackets minimize the costs that businesses incur due to heat loss and are practical products that can be reused in maintenance and similar interventions.

To design jacket-type applications correctly, it is essential to have complete knowledge of equipment dimensions, fluid temperatures passing through the equipment, external factors, and the operating principles of the equipment. With these values, necessary calculations should be made, and materials and production methods should be selected.

In valve jacket applications, since no equipment usage is required, its application is simple in narrow and restricted spaces. Due to its easy removal and installation during the testing and commissioning processes, it minimizes material waste and provides a significant advantage in terms of disassembly/assembly time. While the initial investment costs are lower than many applications, it is also a method that claims to be competitive in terms of price/performance.

Removable insulation jackets for valves and flanges have become a popular application in recent times, requiring serious engineering calculations and material knowledge. Leveraging extensive manufacturing and application experience, engineering understanding, and a broad supply chain, INSPRO offers the best products and services to its customers without compromising on quality.

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