Ibc & Drum Heaters

INSJACK-TB® heater jackets are the most practical and long-lasting solution to the viscosity and freezing problems for goods kept in barrels, drums, gas cylinders, IBC containers and other various storage containers manufactured in various sizes and materials.

INSJACK-TB® products are integrated systems with heating and insulation capability. They are produced with fireproof and waterproof glass fiber coating material and fireproof mineral wool filling. Thus, they can be used easily in indoor or outdoor conditions.

Although there are different power alternatives according to the heating need, there are also variations in the temperature control range. Because a container could be equipped either for an anti-freezing purpose or for achieving the desired temperature due to the relevant process. Selecting the appropriate system according to the need is important both in terms of operational requirements and cost. At this point, we advise you to get information from our consultants.

Containers can be covered in different ways due to the final position of the product in the container and sometimes the ambient conditions. Various alternatives such as full surface coating, half surface coating, top cover insulation and floor heating or insulation may be required by the facility. Suitable covers can be selected from our standard products, and also special design heating jackets can be designed and manufactured if necessary. We remind that you can get information from our consultants for these and similar needs.


If the containers that are planned to be heated are located in areas with explosion risk, INSJACK-TBEx® heating jackets equipped with ATEX and IECEx certified heating systems should be used to avoid a new risk factor. Even under normal process conditions, INSJACK-TBEx® heating jackets can be used safely in zones defined as Zone-1 with explosive / flammable atmosphere. However, we advise you to obtain information from our consultants for the exact determination of operational requirements and appropriate product design.

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