Heated Jackets

INSJACK-T® heated jackets are insulation systems with flexible insulation covers integrated with electrical heating elements for the requirements for process heating or cold (frost) protection of equipment and fittings.

INSJACK-T® heated removable insulation covers challenge when equipment or fitting needs to be protected from cold and/or freezing temperatures but does not have an inner heat source. INSJACK-T® insulation covers with heating elements are custom-fabricated with electrical heating components to meet all insulation and heating needs exactly.

INSJACK-T® heated removable insulation covers deliver a barrier of uniform, directional heat where it is needed most for tanks, drums, buckets, IBC totes, fans, pumps, valves/fittings, pipelines and other temperature sensitive equipment.

The advanced, all-in-one design of INSJACK-T® eliminates the need for multiple product purchases and simplifies the entire implementation process while saving time and money. Especially for the particular applications, this long-lasting cover is a very smart way to avoid the cost of heat tracing, hiring an electrician or installing a thermostat. In addition to saving energy and protecting equipment, the cost of our removable covers with heating elements is significantly lower than standard field alternatives for preventing freezing. The result is an efficient heating solution with the most cost-effective method for minimizing damage caused by harsh or freezing temperatures.


Using only the highest quality materials and dedicated craftspeople, INSPRO’s removable insulation covers are optimum solutions for various thermal and acoustic insulation needs.

INSJACK-T® heated removable insulation covers can be made with various insulation fillers (fiberglass, superwool, aerogel, etc.) using a variety of enclosures and closure systems to meet the insulation requirements

INSJACK-T® heated removable insulation covers can be made with various heating elements which are selected according to the project needs. Optimum heating element and control unit selection is so important for efficient way of working and of course cost control. Unlike other heated jackets, INSJACK-T® heated covers put more element length into a given area, providing longer life through better distribution of heat.


Unlike most removable insulation blankets, INSJACK-T® covers fit the best because they are manufactured in the actual shape of the equipment, whether that is a tank, drum, bucket, IBC tote, fan, pump, valve/fitting, entire pipeline and other temperature sensitive equipment.

Installation of removable insulation covers is so easy as there is no need for any special equipment or tool. Any technical personnel can easily access equipment for maintenance and reinstall the insulation cover. INSJACK-T® covers allow to insulate important components without sacrificing employee efficiency or ease of access.

With a flexible jacket solution, removing the insulation for regular maintenance or inspection need not be a challenge. With simple fastening systems, the jacket can be easily removed and replaced in a fraction of the time in comparison to fixed insulation systems such as renders or fibrous/metal clad valve boxes. Furthermore, a flexible jacket system is less likely to sustain damage than traditional metal cladding that can easily be dented and allow moisture ingress.

The integrity of INSJACK-T® jackets is not reduced after unfastening and fastening and continues to insulate and heat effectively throughout the product’s lifespan. If an item of INSJACK-T® insulation should become damaged then it can be easily replaced with a new section. That’s much more easy comparing to maintain an entire .

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