Exhaust Insulation Jackets

Unique insulation systems should be designed in order to meet the project needs including exhaust ducts and similar irregular components. INSJACK removable insulation systems, designed by INSPRO in its own facilities and produced expertly and from the highest quality materials, are the most suitable solutions for this type of irregular components.

Main features of INSJACK exhaust insulation systems:


Safety & Comfort: INSJACK removable insulation covers reduce the ambient temperatures of a specified area or entire workplace to a safe range. They allow personnel to work without the risk of contact burns, prevent the system from overheating, and keep heat-sensitive components (cables, measuring devices, electronic circuits, etc.) unaffected by extreme temperatures.

Noise Reduction: : INSJACK insulation systems provide soundproofing in addition to their thermal insulation properties, as they are made of composite materials that provide sound absorption in the entire frequency band. Sound absorbing materials can also be added to standard insulation linings to provide extra sound insulation.

Lower Emission Rates: Since INSJACK insulation systems naturally provide thermal insulation, they allow the system to stay within the optimum emission value range, to reach and maintain effective operating temperatures faster and easier.

Practicality: INSJACK insulation jackets are designed to be removed and re-installed easily and quickly by any maintenance personnel even not having any insulation experience.

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