Non Metallic Claddings

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) could be a big trouble for conventional metal claddings or water proofing could be an important parameter maybe for an underwater insulation.

For such cases and/or if there are plenty of disadvantages for installing metal cladding then INSPRO® can design & offer non-metallic alternatives.

PVC based materials have great results for CUI sensitive applications. Pre-covered insulation systems (cladding + insulation) and only PVC claddings are available. For example, Arma-Chek® Silver is an easy to apply professional solution, featuring Armaflex elastomeric insulation material and a covering in one system. Besides all the usual benefits of Armaflex insulation, it provides a smooth and easy to clean silver finish.

PIB based materials are the most suitable options for the underwater applications even for the outdoor installations having extra water proofing sensitivity. WrapTec® is revolutionizing cladding for technical insulation. The reason is simply that it is better – faster, easier, and 100% watertight. We promise that you will find practical application of this innovative premium product from Monier as impressive as the theory behind it.

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