Turbine Insulation Jackets

INSJACK removable insulation system helps keeping gas and steam turbines operational more safely and at maximum potential.

Main features of INSJACK turbine insulation systems:


Optimum Design: INSJACK turbine insulation systems are designed and produced in its own facilities for exact fit for many specific turbines. Size, shape, material selection, and thickness are tailored according to project needs.

Practicality: : INSJACK insulation jackets are designed to be removed and re-installed easily and quickly by any maintenance personnel even not having any insulation experience.

Process Stability: While heat losses are reduced and stabilized by the insulation system, the process fluid within the turbine will do its job more efficiently and the process will be more stable.

Cost & Safety: A turbine equipped with INSJACK insulation system, the average heat loss could be reduced from 2,000 W/m2 to 150 W/m2 and the surface temperature from 540°C to 45°C. While worker safety hazards are mitigated, an extraordinary cost saving will come out.

Quality: INSJACK systems are meticulously designed and crafted to remain effective under extreme conditions for extended periods of time.


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