Sheet metal materials used as the insulation cladding of pipelines and equipment are designed by INSPRO® engineers along with the entire insulation system, cut and shaped on CNC machines. In such applications, on-site manufacturing and assembly activities are also carried out if necessary. All manufacturing is carried out from start to finish in INSPRO®'s own facilities.

There are many advantages to carry out most of the cladding procurement with fabricated production instead of producing all at the construction site.

  • - Zero defect of design and manufacturing
  • - Minimizing installation failures by standard production
  • - Increasing efficiency with decreasing waste rates
  • - Resource (equipment, labour, facility, etc.) savings comparing with on-site manufacturing
  • - Reducing environmental and occupational safety risks


Cladding for HVAC and process piping insulation. Standard lengths are 1000 mm and 1250 mm, nevertheless shorter pieces can be produced for necessary applications. Both fixing edges are reinforced, can be installed bidirectional and bottom beading is reinforced.

Pipe Cladding - Insulation

SEGMENT PIECES (Elbows, Bends, etc.)

Cladding for HVAC and process piping elbow and bend insulation. Production standard angles are 90 °, 45 ° and 30 °, however, production can be done at different angles in required applications. Segment pieces’ both fixing edges are reinforced, can be installed bidirectional. Start piece fixing bead can be manufactured starting from pipe cladding according to the order.

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It is necessary to equip actuators, flaps, measuring devices and fitting elements such as valves, flanges, which require periodic maintenance on the pipelines, with a removable type insulation system. Removable type metal insulation boxes, primarily Manhole cover, Valve Box and Flange Box, are produced in INSPRO® facilities with all components from design to manufacture and integrated into the insulation system of the equipment or line.

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Although there is no need for periodic maintenance, removable type insulation requirement may arise in any pipeline or equipment. Especially for insulation applications in nuclear facilities, it may be necessary to quickly remove the isolation system where periodic measurement and inspection is needed or where overheating is possible. One of the best solutions for such requirements is cassette type isolation systems.

Stainless steel on the outer coating, mineral wool or alternative high temperature resistant materials are preferred for the insulation filling. It is also possible to produce in combination with mattress type insulation made of glass fibre fabrics according to the needs of the project.

Insulation Casettes

FORMED PIECES (reducers central and eccentrical, t-connections and insulation end caps)

Cladding for HVAC and process piping insulation. Formed pieces both fixing edges are reinforced, can be installed bidirectional. Start piece fixing bead can be manufactured starting from pipe cladding according to the order. End cap is binomial, edge reinforced, combined with pop-rivet and can be opened.

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INSPRO®-zeppelin (orange peel) type cladding elements are claddings for tanks and similar cylindrical equipment ends. Cladding elements are designed on CAD programme and manufactured on CNC machine.

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INSPRO® round plain and corrugated sheet metals for tanks and equipment are measured and manufactured according to customers’ needs.

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