INSPRO Quality Management System uses the most effective and efficient methods of storing and reaching information, in order to make right decisions, and always improves these methods.

Our Mission is; “As a team which is trying to upgrade standards and quality awareness in the relevant business sectors; producing added value for customers, employees, associates, environment and public.”

Our Vision is; “To become a respected global company that is constantly evolving”


INSPRO, according to its vision, wants to be a constantly evolving and respectful manufacturer by operating with zero failure, zero lost time incident and zero environmental exposure aims. Hence it is investing on human, information and technology for exceeding the expectations of not only customers but also all stakeholders.

With this belief, we perform;

    • – Following and complying with all legislation, standards and other administrative regulations related to Quality, Environmental Safety and Occupational Health and Safety,
    • – Installing the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 management systems, effective implementation and provision of continuity, according to these developing all processes continuously,
    • – Provision of process quality with continuity together with customer satisfaction and its permanence,
    • – Taking into consideration the effects of the method, technology and other auxiliary factors in the context of quality, environment and occupational safety and taking all the necessary precautions with a proactive approach,
    • – Shaping the common approach as a form of organizational behavior in accordance with our common requirements for Quality, Environment and Occupational Safety needs, to be provided at every stage of our organization,
    • – Providing open communication for customers, producers, suppliers, employees, environment, society, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, professional chambers and all other stakeholders,
    • – Working together and working with confidence in the context of “win & win” principle with all our stakeholders,
    • – Optimum usage of energy and natural resources, prevention of pollution, reduction of waste and / or separation at source to achieve maximum recycling,
    • – Defining and practicing all Health & Safety issues as #1 priority at all of our work places including outsourced jobs, rejecting all unsafe conditions and methods neither with any tolerance nor exception, taking all necessary actions to prevent accidents and occupational diseases,
    • – Being a model with the sense of environment and society,

In this way, we are working with our full power to be a model organization that we have pioneered in terms of quality in the project contracting sector by managing our activities in an integrated manner with Quality, Environment and Occupational Safety Management Systems.

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