Thermal Insulation Audit (TIPCHECK)

The performance of the existing insulation systems of hot pipelines and equipment in any industrial facility, could be weakened depending on various conditions. In this case, the following indirect consequences will be inevitable:

  • – Continuous energy loss
  • – Extra cost
  • – Damage to equipment or line
  • – Occupational safety risks
  • – Process imbalance

In order not to deal with these consequences, existing insulation systems should be controlled periodically regarding general audits, or on a case-by-case basis for local controls.

INSPRO can perform inspections of existing insulation systems in accordance with ISO 12241 or VDI 2055 or CINI standards.

TIPCHECK stands for Technical Insulation Performance Check.

The TIPCHECK Program has been implemented by the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EIIF) to provide tools and solutions for industrial facilities to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions by developing technical insulation systems.

As of January 2022, INSPRO is the only company in Turkey to have certified TIPCHECK engineers.

TIPCHECK is a standard thermal energy audit in accordance with EN 16247 and ISO 50002 to evaluate the performance of industrial insulation systems. It is performed by a certified TIPCHECK engineer and quality control is carried out regularly by the EIIF.

By TIPCHECK audits, the insulation systems of existing facilities, planned projects or revision works can be evaluated and show how efficient the insulation can be, so the following benefits are achieved:

  • – Energy Saving
  • – Cost Saving
  • – Reducing CO2 emissions

TIPCHECK audits contribute to and easily integrate with energy management systems such as ISO 50001. In addition to energy efficiency potentials, it helps to identify:

  • – Process efficiency improvements
  • – Safety risks for personnel and equipment

TIPCHECK inspections identify subjects with the highest energy savings potential and often offer a rapid payback period of one year or less. The scope of a typical TIPCHECK usually includes; uninsulated lines, lines with damaged insulation, and insulated lines.

TIPCHECK audits are performed by EiiF and/or a certified TIPCHECK engineer and include the following steps:

  • – Collecting Data
  • – Site Inspection
  • – Calculations
  • – Report Preparation and Presentation

You can review some sample cases here.

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