INSPROJACK® for Flanged Valves


In this article, we will provide information about globe valves while discussing how these valves should be insulated.

Globe valves are responsible for the movement of fluids such as steam, water, gas, or other fluids in the system by opening or closing with the help of a disc attached to the end of the valve stem, above the point of fluid passage. Globe valves are particularly suitable for operating under high pressure and temperature compared to other valve types in their class. Therefore, globe valves should be preferred in cases where there is high-pressure flow and the system is exposed to the atmosphere.

Today, globe valves are preferred in many fields, especially in geothermal and petroleum refinery systems. The operating costs of such large systems, along with additional costs arising from energy loss, can lead to significant losses both for the sustainability of natural resources and the costs borne by the user. INSPROJACK is a complete solution partner with the possibility of up to 95% energy savings at this point. Let’s take a look together at the advantages of the removable insulation jacket, INSPROJACK.

  • INSPROJACK offers you the most suitable design,

Although globe valves are manufactured to world standards, they are equipment that can have different insulation needs depending on their usage locations and installation methods. Therefore, as INSPRO, we design your removable insulation jacket with our design team in the most suitable dimensions for you.

  • Discover the ease of installation with INSPROJACK,

INSPROJACK removable type globe valve jackets provide incredible ease of installation with long-lasting Velcro and Kevlar lacing cord with high durability. Even a person who has never installed a removable insulation jacket before will be able to easily install it within 5 minutes.

  • Price/performance relationship in INSPROJACK,

In INSPROJACK removable type globe valve jackets, we offer our customers the most suitable solutions by using insulation materials with low thermal conductivity, such as rock wool, ceramic wool, aerogel, in appropriate insulation thicknesses. Our coated and uncoated fiberglass fabrics are your long-term solution partner in indoor and outdoor environments. It provides long-term energy and budget savings to users by covering the initial investment cost within 6 months.

  • INSPROJACK and quality,

We guarantee maximum efficiency and long-term use for our globe valve jackets produced specifically for customer needs. You can reach us for INSPROJACK removable type globe valve jackets, which you will have in the shortest time with our assembly service.

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