Thermal Insulation Audit

Thermal Insulation Audit

The performance of existing insulation systems of hot lines and equipment in any industrial facility may be weakened due to various conditions. In this case, the following indirect consequences will be inevitable:

  • - Constant energy loss
  • - Extra cost
  • - Damage to the equipment or line
  • - Occupational safety risks
  • - Imbalance in the process

In order to avoid these outcomes, the performance audit of existing insulation systems should be performed periodically, either in general or on a case-by-case basis local.

INSPRO can inspect existing insulation systems in accordance with ISO 12241 or VDI 2055 or CINI standards.

These audits are also integrated studies into energy management systems such as ISO 50001. The insulation systems of existing facilities or planned projects are evaluated, the results are reported, thus obtaining detailed data on the following potential gains:

  • - Saving Cost
  • - Saving Energy
  • - Reducing CO2 emissions
  • - Process efficiency improvements
  • - Reducing occupational safety risks