CINI – International Standard for Industrial Insulation


CINI was established on July 28, 1989, with the aim of standardizing industrial insulation methods and specifications and minimizing Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) mechanisms.

International companies such as Shell, DSM, DOW, Akzo Nobel, and the former Hoogovens (now Tata Steel) joined forces to establish the Industrial Insulation Committee (CINI), affiliated with the Dutch Insulation Association (VIB). Undoubtedly, there was a significant need for quality standardization in industrial insulation, and CINI continued to evolve, covering sectors such as the oil and gas industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, process industry, power plants, LNG terminals, etc.

CINI has become a global reference for thermal insulation design and implementation. Acting as a reliable reference point for insulation companies, material suppliers, consultants, professionals, educational institutions, and government agencies, CINI has played a crucial role in the continuous development of industrial insulation.


The CINI organization consists of 10 working groups (committees) comprised of experts in their respective fields. All committees consist of directors (asset owners), insulation companies, and consultants.

The technical coordinator serves as the head of these committees. Depending on developments in the industry and the field, working groups come together to review or discuss specific topics. The results of all working groups are compiled in annual updates. All recommendations are reviewed by the Revision Committee, directly affiliated with the board of directors. The technical coordinator is responsible for organizing the annual update.

The CINI Guide is updated annually, focusing on the latest technology and proven techniques. The practical experience, accumulated knowledge, and quality of the CINI Guide have a proven track record worldwide.

CINI Guide – “Insulation for Industry”

The CINI Guide serves as a reference for professionals dealing with technical insulation. It is updated annually.

Users can easily navigate the CINI Guide, with convenient search paths (flowcharts) quickly leading to the section containing all the necessary information. The guide includes explanatory visuals, especially on insulation systems ranging from extreme heat to extreme cold (cryogenic) and also covers many aspects of acoustic insulation.

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